Rides don't end

Maybe I’m missing something but on multiple occasions I have had rides not end.
I’d pick a route from the main menu and then do “Ride” but even after I ride for more than the distance of the route, I can just keep going and going and there is no finish banner and the ride does not end. I also don’t see the remaining distance anywhere or the finish flag on the map. And then when I quit the ride from the menu, the name for the saved ride is just a generic name like “Watopia” instead of the route I had selected like “Sand And Sequoias” which is the one I did today and had that issue.
I’m on Android and using the latest version.

Hey @Philippe_Harscoet, welcome to the forums.

Thats just how Zwift works, there is a learning curve, but eventually you will figure it out.

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Hmm ok, I think I have done rides where it does show some “End of ride” or something though, but they could have been events or other types of rides.

If you completed a route for the first time after selecting it from the menu, like when you finished sand and sequoias the first time, a route completion banner shows up and you get extra XP. This only happens the first time you have ridden that particular route. You get an achievement badge as well, and can have fun collecting them all.

One or so routes on each world will also have a distance remaining line at the top of the screen. Not all routes have this feature. Hilly route in Watopia for example.

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ah I see. It’d be nice to always see where we are on a route and know when it’s done. If I want to track progress on a route I guess I’ll have to remember a landmark where to stop.

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Yes, it has been a feature request for quite some time now (show me remaining distance of route i have chosen). You’re idea of ‘remembering a landmark’ might not work either. Sounds like a similar mistake i made early on! :slight_smile:

I would chose a route (let’s say it’s 23km) and i would ride 23, 24, 25km and still didn’t know if the route was finished. That’s when i found out that all routes have a lead-in distance as well!

zwifthub.com is a great place to see all the routes. All the distances, elevations, and lead-ins. (Zwift Insider has the details too, i just like the simple layout of Zwift Hub)

eg: Champs-Elysees. Only 6.6km, but actually almost 10km needed to ‘complete the route’


The black numbers are the actual route distance (and elevation) and the blue numbers are the lead-in (and elevation).

Hope that helps! Keep collecting route badges!

thanks, good to know about the lead-in. I didn’t know about zwifthub, looks like a useful site.