Routes are not opening nor closing

Zwift doesn’t recognize routes that I have completed. This week I rode 4 times Sand and Sequoias, 2 times Tick Tock and 1 time Volcano Climb, and none of these are recognized as named route in my feeds. The feeds only show the results of the completed routes, not the names of the routes, nor are they shown in the achievements. When riding the routes, Zwift doesn’t show the starting arch, nor the finish arch, so I finish the route when I estimate when it should be ended.

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Look at this link ( Zwift Worlds and Cycling Routes) and make sure you did the complete route. The spawn point may be some distance before the actual route so you will need to add that distance to the ride.


Thx for your quick response. I start riding where Zwift puts me, and don’t stop until I have more than completed the full round of the selected route. I never pass by a starting arch nor a finishing arch.

Many routes don’t start at a banner, but I think all of them finish at one.

I’ve never had a completion banner appear when I hadn’t just crossed a line or banner of some description (start/finish, KOM etc.). Nor have I not been given a badge when I thought I should have.

It’s worth noting that some routes have a long lead-in. That’s the distance you ride from your starting point, to where the route officially begins. It can add several kilometres/miles to the total distance you ride.

So best advice is to always keep riding on the automatic route even if you’ve “done the distance”. Chances are you’ll get the badge when you cross the next banner.


Sand and Sequoias has a long lead in.

This picture show how the Start and finish of Sand and Sequoias look. It is a stone arch.


Note: the distance in the image is not for Sand and Sequoias


Yep, this is a good point. Not all “banners” are banners. :smiley: But there should be a line on the road otherwise, I think.

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I completed The Mega Pretzel route this past weekend, which neither starts NOR finishes at a banner/arch. The spawn and completion points are on the land bridge between the volcano and Italian Villas.

This is the only route I have done so far (only three to go!) that did not finish at a banner/arch.


Gentlemen, thanks for all your input. I just tried with Tempus Fugit and it indeed worked the way you all described! The lead-in is very long: the length of Tempus Fugit is 17.3km and only after 20.0 km I got a banner that I completed Tempus Fugit. Thanks again!