Newbie question re: route information

I am sure this has been asked many times already but I could not find the answer …

Say I select a route and start riding. While riding I can’t see how far I am from the end and when I do reach the end Zwift is not telling me that I reached it.

How can I find this? :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome aboard. While you can’t see your progress (except if you know the route the approximation in the minimap), Zwift does show you when you finish the route. If it’s the first time you’ll see the achievement notification and you’ll always pass through the banner that signifies the route completion.

You can also estimate the completion of the route by the number of kilometers that you have ridden.

However be aware that the route lead-in isn’t included in the actual route length. The lead-in is marked in blue when you’re in the route selection screen and it can be a substantial distance.

For a good resource on all the Zwift routes, see


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Yeah, the first couple times in Zwift, it’s a little odd to know where the route ends.

There’s always a bit of a lead in before the route starts. So even though your miles / kms start as soon as you start moving, the route usually starts a mile or two into the ride.

Take any of the Watopia desert routes for example. You start out in the middle of nowhere, then ride under the bridge and into the sprint. At the end of the sprint, you go under an arch; that’s the actual start of the routes. You have to get back to that spot for it to be complete.

All of the worlds and routes are like that. The start and end are usually a banner or arch of some sort. It takes a little getting used to when you first start. But after a while, you don’t even think about it. At least until some of the mountain routes, where you climb to the top, that’s where it starts, so you have to do the climb again to complete the route.

Ride On!

Thank You!!! Now everything’s clear.



You’re welcome.

And as Steve pointed out, check out All sorts of information about Zwift on there, including detailed descriptions of every route. It’ll show you the lead in, start and end points, and any segments (sprints or KOMs) on the route. Great resource!