Route Finish Line?

Newbie here. I’ve been on for about a week and doing pre-mapped routes to get familiar with the system and my home setup. For some rides I don’t know when my route ends. For example, today I did the “Greatest London Loop” but never went under a banner, thru a tape, or saw any indication on the screen that I had finished the route. I ended up biking an extra 2 miles before stopping. It would be great to cross a finish line of some kind. And after a hard ride, I really don’t need to go further than planned!! :wink:

Is this normal and do I have to just remember the listed distance? Or am I missing something?



The first time you complete a route (without any manual turns) you’ll get a pop-up message about the completion (along with a badge and an XP bonus).

Routes always do finish at some kind of banner. For example, your Greatest London Loop ends at the banner soon after Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. But it’s not at all obvious, and most people have this sort of problem initially with Zwift and routes.

A.good resource for full route details is Zwift Insider -

London Loop does have a banner (I did it the other night). It also has the 300, 200, and 100 meter to go markers. The meter markers are prevalent for the routes in “populated” areas.

Thanks for the info! I must have missed the banner. I have been checking Zwift Insider (a great resource!) for route details.

Do routes always begin under a banner as well??? Zwift Insider lists the different route “lead ins”. But if routes don’t always have a START banner, I guess I’ll just have to remember to add the the lead-in distance to the route distance to know how close I am to the finish.


They always start and end at the same place. Usually that’s a pretty big obvious banner, but occasionally it can be something else, e.g. in Watopia there are some courses that have a natural rock archway as the “banner”.

As you said, if you take note of the lead-in distance then you should be able to work out where the start/finish banner is, or if not then add the lead-in to the route distance and then make sure you do more than that.

Thanks!! . :+1: