Let Us Know When a Ride Is Over

I have a funny feeling this has been mentioned before…

I pick a ride out, say, 15.2 miles. During the ride I’m offered a lot of choices for alternate routes, and I pick none of the (newbie!) . But when I hit that 15.2 mile mark there is usually no indication that I’m done. SOMETIMES… if I happen to be staring at the on-screen odometer it will BRIEFLY turn orange but that’s it.

It would be great to see SOMETHING that indicates that we’ve hit our mark!



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All rides start close to a banner (start banner or arch) the course also end at a banner usually the same one where you started.

When you pick the route Zwift will show in the graphic where you will go. Note there is sometime a blue line that is the lead-in. The Lead-in can be thought of as riding from your house to course, then on the course you can do multiple laps.

Look at this site to get familiar with the routes.

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Your friendly (and speedy!) reply much appreciated.

Well…I did the Mighty Metropolitan ride in New York City today and I don’t recall seeing any arch or banner at the end of the 12.5 mile. (Of course it could have been right in front of my nose and I missed it!) During the ride I was offered a lot of route choices (turn left for this location; turn right for the other…) and I didn’t select any of them. (Not sure if that makes a difference…) .

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for all of your help.

Some routes don’t start or finish at a banner.

Right you are! (And that’s why I’m hoping Zwift adds a feature so that when we finish our 12.5 mile route we get some sort of indication that we’re done!)

All a friendly FYI. Many thanks for your time.

I guess it could be useful to newer riders, but for riders who have been on Zwift a long time not so much.

With the advent of the Route Achievement Feature I think Zwift is trying to fill this gap for new riders and to allow new riders to level up faster.

When you started your ride the Mighty Metropolitan you should have passed through an archway / banner ( about 50 to 100 yards after starting some route have a longer lead in ) you were correct in not selecting any of the offered route changes as once started Zwift will take you around the chosen route to the finish ,when you have completed any route a message will pop up at bottom of your screen . Now depending on your lead in you might have to do extra distance to get to the finish banner

But I do think the Mighty Metropolitan does start and end at the banner.


Yes that`s the start and finish banner for Mighty Metropolitan when you went under the banner ( I always keep cycling a little further ) after finishing you should have got a notification . Try doing a shorter route ( and allow for lead in ) and see if that works . With Zwift everything is a learning curve . Hopefully it will all work out

This is the Start and Finish Arch/banner in NYC.

You can also see it on the mini map (top right)

Unfortunately, the start/finish archways don’t always show up on the mini map. It would be a nice feature - even added to the Companion app.