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I’ve signed up last week for my first Zwift experience. Today i’ve done a Zwift Route (Triple Loops on London). All went well, but i was a bit surprised that i didn’t get any popup that i’ve done/finished the route. The route supposed to be 40.8km, but because i didn’t see anything on the screen i went on to 43km before saving and logging off. Is there any possibility to give a sign/screen popup to let the rider know that he completed the route ?



welcome to zwift: The Triple Loops start and finish at the Start finish banner.

you can find all the route detail here:

Caught me out on my first ride too (also in London). When it was pointed out to me I realised I had clearly seen the start/finish banner but hadn’t appreciated the significance. Zwift does tend to be subtle about such things … took me three laps to even notice the lap counter on Watopia’s volcano circuit.

I guess the idea is that you ride the route you choose but are not forced to stop at the end of the route and free to carry on however long you want and stop when you are ready.

Agree. Also, to go off on a tangent slightly, maybe each of the routes on the selection screen could be ticked or numbered to indicate that you’ve done them a certain number of times. Maybe a prize could be offered for hitting certain stats on that. This would encourage more routes to be completed and more variation.

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Check this out:

I really would like this feature, I get a small kick from completing a lap and really miss a small notification or something that I’ve completed a lap.

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