Route details and completion

Hello everyone,
I hope all is well. I am a ZWIFT rookie and I have a few questions. Hoping someone can help me out. I have ridden several routes and I am not being notified I rode the required distance. Should I be told I completed the route? Is there anyway to see the whole profile (gradients, climbs etc) prior to choosing the route ? choosing a route based on distance is ok but if there are climbs you can’t do kind of ruins the experience…looking forward to hearing back from someone ! Thank you !

You should see a banner along the bottom of the screen that notifies you when you completed a route. You will also be awarded the proper amount of +XP at the top near your XP bar.

I personally like for route details. It shows the length, total climb, route map, gives a little animation of the route on a map, and detailed profiles including any climbs (length and avg slope).


This is only true the first time you complete a particular route. After that, you’re on your own.

Confusingly the distance and elevation of the route may not be as shown when you select the route. There is a lead in to the actual start point of the route which needs to added to the route distance. Select a route where the end point is an official banner like the volcano circuit and you will have something to aim for. When you cross the banner point you will see the magical route completed message.

This is a good point. You are only notified once. I don’t know if there is a need to track 2nd 3rd or more completions. Other than a couple routes where you are awarded for multiple completions (AdZ) or multiple laps Volcano Circuit.

I always figure the distance listed is a minimum and figure on needing to go a bit further and in some cases significantly further. This may be very confusing for someone new and may be wondering why they don’t get the completion message after completing X miles.

Thank you for the information ! I appreciate it ! It seems counterintuitive tbh…why list predetermined distances/routes if you have to “remember” the distance? I guess its more of a “game” type feature? The Tacx Training platform shows the entire route/elevation/distance/length of climbs on the route…don’t see the downside of listing that info or letting you know you at least “finished” the chosen route and then if you want to continue on thats up to you…I personally don’t like encountering climbs I cannot finish or climbs I was not prepared physically to complete…

The whole mentality of having to finish a route is new to zwift (Trying to finish a route or tick off all the badges that is). The routes and route info setup are a lot older than this mentality. That’s why it’s so unhelpful it wasn’t really designed for how people are using it now.

When you are finished riding you stop. You don’t have to ride home, you are already there! That was the old mentality. Just randomly ride around watopia was the standard thing for as long as you like if you aren’t doing an event.

Wow, thanks for sharing that link to zwift hub…this is exactly what I have been looking for as well. This really should be native to the app, imo. Someone pointed out to me when I asked about the elevation profile that if you look at the route name banner from the route selection screen, the outline of the profile is shown but it has no details and is hard to pick up…I used zwift for a year before even knowing it was there. This link is super helpful and has the details we need.

I only found it a week ago myself but those labeled profiles are exactly what I wanted to see as well.