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I know this has been mentioned before but…

I would love to see a route profile (for the whole route) and distance remaining for rides where I have selected a route. I know that this isn’t possible where I change the route as I go but where I select a specific route up-front, this would be very helpful.

Rouvy shows the whole route profile at the bottom of the screen (where Zwift shows the graph of wattage), including the total distance of the route and how far one has ridden in that route.



I’m new to Zwift (and indoor training - third ride today) and I had wondered why I couldn’t see a distance remaining or even an obvious finish line on a preset route so I’m glad you asked. I’d really like to know how far it is to complete a lap of the route as I’d feel a bit defeated if I copped out before the end of a whole lap. Come on, Zwift - it can’t be that hard. :slight_smile:


The best resource for route distances, including the lead-in, is Make sure to check their lists of routes before you start riding to know what you are in for.

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@Edward_Dixon and @Avril_Jones , that is indeed one of the common complaints and feedback to Zwift.

@Mike_Rowe1 mentioned ZwiftInsider, another great resource is which is a nice way to filter and see basic ride length, elevation, and map info. I find it even quicker than ZwiftInsider though Insider has great textural descriptions if you want more than just the pictographic info of Hub.

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Welcome to forums @Edward_Dixon @Avril_Jones :blush:

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Thank you. That’s an excellent site! So much to learn and discover …

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Indeed, there is a wealth of resources surrounding Zwift that are user created. Other sites to check out include:


Enjoy your exploring