Circuit finishes and distance tracking

I am new to zwift and steadily getting more frustrated and looking for some help. Is there no way to tell when you’ve clicked on a ride to do that you are actually on the route? Any kind of countdown timer or even a finish line? I did the big loop ride today and did 70km so longer than the ride and I’ve received no badge or acknowledgement of the ride finish. Part of the fun of Zwift is riding to get these badges and accomplishments. So I’d like to get mine! Can anyone advise me as to what’s going on? What can I do? Are there settings that I’m missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Mark_Naphin, welcome to Zwift.
Routes have lead-in distances that can range from 1 km to many km and these lead ins aren’t included in the route distance total. Most all of the routes start and finish at some sort of sprint or KOM banner. There is a blue line on the route map that indicates the lead-in section. Spawn points vary somewhat as well so there has to be a specific start/end point. The big loop route starts and ends at the downtown banner arch shortly after the spawn point. The picture below has a good example of the blue line lead-in.

Zwift doesn’t tell you what route you are on once you start riding with few exceptions like the hilly route in Watopia or the London loop. I think each world has only one route with a timer. I know, it’s kind of crazy that this basic info isn’t displayed somewhere on the screen. Hopefully the UI update we’ve been promised this year will address that.

Also, you can’t make any manual turns once on a chosen route to get the achievement badge, you have to stay on it until it is finished. You also cant get more than one per ride, so if you want to get two small route badges you have to start a new ride for each one.

Thanks for the reply. So does this mean even after riding 70km I didn’t complete the route? Seems a little stupid to put a route distance on then say just kidding now you have to guess what it will actually be. And you’ll have to do it all over again!?! This was also my 6 circuit completed in 6 days so I guess I miss out on 7 days in a row tomorrow?

Looks like you did Big Foot Hills today, not the Big Loop, did you cross the sprint banner/arch rock in the desert at the end of your ride? You may have stopped just short of the finish.

Not sure what constitutes a circuit to get the 7 in a row badge, let us know if you get it tomorrow.

Yes I crossed the sprint banner(s). I guess we shall see.