Another badge route distance list

Im sure ive achieved atleat 10 missing badges since 2016.


Is there a list of all the routes on all the world which shows the total distance from spawn point to completion? With the LEAD-IN then the badge distance and some idea of the finish area?

I know of spreadsheets on the web with everything on EXCEPT the lead-in, which is the most important bit as Im riding around not knowing when im going to start the badge route and when im finishing.



The start of a route is generally the first start/finish banner you pass, which, as you have noticed, can be a ways off on some of the routes.

Im really looking for a lead-in list of distance before the badge route so I dont have to ride unknowingly 10km or so just to complete a 3.2km loop ontop.
Im trying to get all the badges done with a idea of total distance from spawn point so I can work on time.


Agreed, that would be nice to have.

Shows the route distance and elevation gain as well as the lead-in and any elevation gain from the lead-in.


Another tip, if you don’t want to ride the lead in, is to create a meetup and ride like that. If you for example take route “Lutscher” in Innsbruck, the lead in is 10.2km, as you start in town and have to ride up the hill to the KOM banner before you even start the loop and the segment for the route badge.
But if you create this as a meetup on this route, you are put at the top of the hill a few 100 metres before the banner, making it much easier to achieve.


A friend and I did a route this way (6-train NYC) but it didn’t give us the route badge. I quit and restarted (not in a group event) and then it gave me the badge. Have you seen the group ride thing actually give out a route badge?

The spawn points may differ by a few meters.
Look at this site, All badges start and end at some banner.

Meetups my have different spawn points.

Many people have all the badges, and got them first time.
I only have 5 to go and also got them on my first try.

Most people that report that they did not get the badge either made a turn, picked a different route or did not account for the lead-in.

The first 25 Route badges was introduced in October 2019 and in December 2019 another 42 was added.

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yes, i’ve received a few badges on meet up rides. I am missing one from the same route though and i submitted it as a bug.

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Well, that figures. I guess the “too many engineers in the room” problem exists in the virtual world as well.

Whether or not you get a route badge from a meetup is a bit of a crap shoot. If you don’t cross a start/finish banner shortly after the meetup begins, you’re probably out of luck.

This was actually a private event and we both picked the same route before going in. When I went back afterwards on my own the spawn points were the same. Apparently this approach has worked for others. I’m trying to remember if we had keep-together turned on, perhaps that had something to do with it.

This weekend, several people in my meetup group got the badge for Royal Pump Room 8, and we had “keep together” enabled. (I assume those who didn’t get the badge already had it.)