Champs-Élysées route achievement

Hi guys,
I’m fairly new to Zwift and trying to understand one thing- why Zwift won’t grant an achievement for the route which is approx 6,6km while I’m already passed the 9km mark.
Thanks in advance for the replies.

That’s because that route is 6.6km with a 3.2km lead-in so you need to ride at least 9.8km for the badge.

Almost all routes start and end at a banner/arch so you need to ride through 2 of them to get a badge.

For full route info check out


Big thanks for that. So the best way to learn about the lead-in mentioned by you is to head to ZwiftHub and check the route there? Route info provided in Zwift is not giving us all the details, right?

The route animation in Zwift shows a blue line (that is the lead-in) if you watch it closely. But it doesn’t give the distance. All distances in the Zwift UI are for the actual route (banner to banner) only.

3rd party sites like ZwiftHub and (and search the route name) provide you with a route profile/elevation/sprint points/KOMs/and lead-in distance. Some route have crazy long lead-ins (ie Lutscher and Lutscher CCW) so it’s always good to head over to one of those sites to check it out before riding so you aren’t disappointed.

You can also use ZwiftHub to keep track of which route badges you have so you don’t need to log-in/spawn in game/check your badges then exit to start again. I use it regularly to keep track of all the badges I’ve earned. It also lets you filter by the worlds available today so you know what they are before getting in game.

We’ve asked for a long time for Zwift to include lead-in distance to the info within the UI but as of now we have to rely on community members who created these tools out of a need since Zwift hasn’t addressed it themselves.


Prior to the route badge achievements which showed up in Oct. 2019 for only select routes, and then in Dec. 2019 for all routes, no one cared about lead ins. Just sayin…

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Good point @Mike_Rowe_PBR.

Maybe so but based on the pretty consistent posts about users upset of not getting badges even though they “rode the route distance” it is something Zwift needs to get corrected sooner rather than later.

Zwift can’t even manage to put route information on their own website. Check out, why would I sign up for an event with no intel on which route it takes place on. Is it a hilly route or flat? Who knows! It isn’t supposed to be a surprise.

My point is, we have all had to lower our expectations in order to enjoy Zwift. I’m not saying its right, because it isn’t! But there are few alternatives so we learn to live with it. Unfortunately.