Lutscher course badge

Has anyone achieved this badge. If so where did you get it. I rode 14 miles of it and no badge,

Did you select the route from the route list at the start? You have to do that in order to get the badge.

According to ZwiftInsider, it’s 15 miles long - so it might be that you didn’t complete the full official route.

Yes I obtained it yesterday. You have a lead in to the KOM banner then the route starts with the decent then back up the KOM to the banner were you obtain the achievement badge. Therefore 2 climbs of the KOM.

Okay so the distance is around 15 miles. Thank you for the info. I just wussed out.

I selected the course but didn’t complete it. Alan replied that you had to climb the KOM twice to complete the ride. I thought the course was 8.2 plus some lead in. Wish zwift would give us a more accurate idea of what you need to ride to complete the course. Thank you for your info.

When you select the route you will see a blue line in the animation that is the lead-in:

The blue line then turn to white during the animation. The white line is the actual route:

I took these pictures during the animation.

i did the route and got the badge.


Thank you for helping a dumb old man. The info is much appreciated!

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@Ronald_Summers we all learn together.

Ride On.

Am now on the lutscher route whicb is stated in the game article and interface to be 13.7km. See link here

I am now 17.3km in but the route achievement has not unlocked for me?

This has happened several times for me on several occasions and i understand that this is sometimes due to a lead in distance?

I am new to zwift and frankly i dont quite get this.

Is this a bug? Why is the route achievement not being unlocked although I fulfilled the stated distance? Where can i see the real route distance requirements? What is the rationale in displaying a distance that does not appear to tally?

See my post above regarding the lead in for Lutscher.

Hi thank you for your attempt to help.

However u did not answer the question in full. I get it that it is once again due to uncertainty over the lead in distance.

Ur replies however totally missed the answers i was looking for.

The blue line show the lead in so you have to ride to the “start” of the route, the route is 13.7km long, but you first have to get to the start of the route. Once you get to the start of the route, in this case the KOM you can start counting the distance.

From :
Lutscher – 24.2km (15 miles), 827m (2713′): Loop around the climb portion of the course, which finishes each lap at the KOM arch: The distance of the loop itself is about 15km; the 24.2 includes the lead-in.

I hope this explains it better.


Hey thank you for the info. Looks like another route i thought i would finish but didn’t.

Your info is great. I will check insider from now on.

Am really hoping to hear from the staff the rationale behind such incomplete information.

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Just got the badge. You have to climb the mountain twice. Thanks to Gerrie on that one.

Hi EJ, I needed also two tries to finish this badge today. In first try I didn‘t know also that the KOM is to ride twice :unamused:

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Hi All,
I did the Lutcher CCW today and can sympathise with those who are confused by the route distance.
I actually like the lead in section on routes, as it gives you a chance to warm up, however you do need to have some extra time on your hands to complete the longer than anticipated route.


Thanks. I think the point here is the confusion and lack of obvious info in the interface.

This is quite weak for something which i am paying a sizable subscription for, on top of the investment in the trainer and so on. I am sounding like a drag but i have had a number of frustations really. The rate that zwift does not take our questions seriously and i am expected to read other info sites to get accurate info and walk throughs, i dunno, i may just choose to skip renewing for another month.


Totally feel u. I mean, most of us have work, life and limited time. I select a course knowing how much time i have to cycle and after putting in that time and over and above that time to deal with the uncertainty call lead in, it is quite annoying to discover i cannot complete what i set out to do? Looking at the forum, it appears that this frustration is a rites of passage for users other than myself as well. Why make the user experience like this???

Why is the route distance designed in such a way anyway? And why this choice of communication for users? I looked around the forum and see that i am nt the only one facing such confusion and frustration.

I really enjoy cycling indoors and enjoy riding on zwift with others, but if the cons continues to weight on, disconnected from events mysteriously, updates issues and so on, then i am starting to reconsider if this is worth the effort.

Hope zwift takes values her users and our feedback seriously.


I think it was a good step forward when Zwift added the color differentiation between the ‘lead in’ and the ‘route’ in the graphic, but it would be another good step forward to specifically call out the (approximate) lead-in distance on the route, so the rider would know to add this distance to the start of the route loops.

And, or course, something needs to be done about the routes where the spawn point is beyond the actual start of the loop (e.g. Dust in the Wind)


I had the very same problem yesterday trying to get the Lutscher Badge. The information you provided needs to be shown when selecting the course and not through interrogation on the forums :wink:

Please pass that on to the DEVs team, thanks in advance!

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