Lutscher Route Metrics - Completely Wrong

Hi all,

Another error in Achievement Badge Metrics. I just completed the Lutscher Route. The given metrics of this route is 13.7km and 401m climbing.

See image below:

This is completely wrong.

The actual metrics for the route is 24.5km with 829m of climbing.

See image below:

Don’t be caught out!!

As usual, the 13.7km/401m is for one lap of Lutscher.
If you start Lutscher at the start and do one lap, it’s that.

However if you start at your spawn point and do the lead-in, it’s 24.5km/829m, cause the start point is at the KOM Arch.
It’s just like with Surrey Hills, where the start is at the Box Hill KOM Arch.

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I do understand the comment though. Why is the spawn point in downtown Innsbruck instead of near the start of the route?

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Look at the blue line in your map picture that indicate the lead in. Zwift list the distance of a lap not of the whole route. Most spawn points is close to the racing pens, so that they don’t have to create routs for racing and some for rides.

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In addition, all badges will start and end at a banner, so in this case, you need to do the lead in plus the first climb to the banner at the top of the hill before you even start the lap that will count for the badge

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So in this case you first need to climb 400 metres before actually starting with the actual route


If you’re at the Everest Challenge and don’t have the Tron Bike yet, it’s not a bad thing :wink:

To avoid any confusion why don’t you just change the metrics if the Lutscher Route? To me, it seems ridiculous one need to climb 400m prior to starting the route! Not to mention the animation one gets when one selects the route clearly shows the the route starting in town, and climbing the hill twice not once!

So you are saying, to obtain the Achievement Badge one need to complete 24.5km/829m. Which means the Achievement Badge Lutscher has the wrong metrics and is completely different to the route called Lutscher.

I just think if you change the original metrics of the route called Lutscher, it will avoid any confusion… Don’t you agree?

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The issue with this is that the Lutscher route information IS correct. It’s just that the actual route doesn’t start until after the ‘lead in’ But the lead in is only done once (so once you start doing the loops you just continue, without ever going back ‘into town’ again), so if the metrics were changed to include the lead in they would be incorrect for all of the subsequent laps.

My suggestion is that the lead in distance (and climbing) for ALL routes be added to the route selection screen as a separate set of numbers. But then this actually brings another potential issue because the lead in distance might be different if you are choosing this as a route vs being in an event, since those spawn points might be different. But, then again, if you are actually seeing the route selection screen you would not be joining an event. (But there might still be different lead in distances/vertical for events vs manual selection that people would probably like to see noted somewhere.)

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They should simply make the spawn point for this route just a bit before the KOM Arch.
Exactly like with Surrey Hills.

Why is it so hard, moving spawn points that it matches with the route?

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I agree completely. When I Zwift I think about how far I want to ride, and then I pick the route accordingly. Today was a recuperation day, and I picked the easy 8.5 miles of Lutscher. If I wanted to do more miles I would have picked a longer route! (Or as the great New Yorker cartoon from the '80s put it, “One supposes that if mummy had wanted Yves Saint Laurent’s initials on my shirt, mummy would have named me Yves Saint Laurent.”

Just because the length is short doesn’t mean it is easy :rofl:

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When selecting a route you will see a blue line that indicate the lead in to the actual route. Some routes don’t start at the banner, so you need to ride to the start of the loop.

Lutscher is also German for lollipop, even though it looks more like cotton candy I think. Without the lead in you would only have a piece hard candy, not a lollipop.


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I’m in the bicycle business (I put on large rides) and if I’ve learned anything it’s that people ride for a LOT of different reasons (and I think the same is true on Zwift). Some want to push for a personal best, others want to compete, or maybe they just want to get in some exercise, and it’s not for me to judge anyone else’s reasons! Having said all that, I am BAFFLED over why there wouldn’t be some way to see the actual length of completing a route. (Why not list both sets of numbers?). It was just bizarre to pick out an 8.4 mile route, get to the 9.0 mile mark (little leeway here…) and find out that I wasn’t even close to the finish! The answer that this makes it more accurate for people who are doing multiple laps, well, I’m sure that makes sense for those who ride Zwift to put in multiple laps, but I THINK those folks (while not wrong!) are in the minority. Go figure! Many thanks for the excellent info.

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I do agree with you that more info would be nice. I have found this to be very helpful, until you know the routes.

Probably for this route but routes like London Classique is very popular to do multiple laps.

Superb link! Many thanks.

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I still think the more appropriate translation is “sucker”. Pun intended, obvs.

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I also agree this is really stupid. It tells me 8.5 miles on the route selection. Zwift Inside says it is 15 miles + 6.8 mile lead in. So 21.6 miles? It’s almost 3 times what I was expecting. Dumb.

Why do I have to use a free third party site to not be annoyed at the platform I pay for?

Zwift has a blue line showing the lead in. See the post if you scroll up.