Lutscher incorrect

The elevation data on Lutscher CCW is incorrect. It says 1315ft, but it’s closer to double that since the climb happens twice.

the route starts at the top, at the KOM banner, so the first time you climb it is the lead in, not part of the route.

Yes, totally agree. But the ride data should be for the complete ride. The chart is correct, showing 2 climbs, the distance is correct, account for the lead-in, but the elevation is not correct. If I want to complete it, I need to climb ~2100ft, so that’s what it should say.

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Strava Zwiftinsider segment says 1365 ft.

Ride it. See for yourself.

The information for the route is correct. You are trying to add the lead-in to the route, but it is not actually part of the route. If you choose Lutscher as your route, and do more than one lap (or if you do it as part of a Meet Up), you’ll find that the elevation for the route is correct. Don’t try to lump the lead-in together with the route itself.


I have, from the downtown start/banner to the top is around 1400 ft of climbing. What elevation data are you looking at?

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This shouldn’t be that complicated. In order to get the badge, I need to complete the ride. The ride has 2 climbs. The total amount climbed is ~2100ft. The ride data should reflect that.

This stuff about a lead-in being exempted makes no sense. You still have to ride it. It still shows it on the elevation profile. It still includes it in the total distance. So why not include it in the total elevation?

Do the route as a Meetup and you’ll start just before the KOM banner so will only do the climb once.

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Because the ‘total elevation’ to which you are referring is the amount you have to climb (presuming you start near the pens) to get the badge, whereas the elevation listed for the route is the elevation for THE ROUTE, which is a loop that repeats over and over again if you keep riding and don’t’ make any manual turns. If you ride the route you will never go back near the pens again.

I’m not saying that the elevation guidance couldn’t be a bit more clear, just that the listed elevation for the route itself is correct.

I think that is low, should be more like 2,700 ft.

Agreed. The ‘Zwift Route distance and elevation’ are often different from ‘the total needed to get route badge’. But that’s normal. IRL if you were to head out and do a segment, it wouldn’t be outside your door.

Eg. I have a nice little 800m, 8% grade near me, but it’s 5km away. So my Route is 800m, and my lead-in is 5km.

If you use Zwift Hub, it is very handy and shows you the lead in distance (and elevation!) so you know what you are getting into.

Check the one for Lutscher. The numbers in black are the Route distance / elevation. And the ones in blue are lead-in distance / elevation.


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