Innsbruck Lutscher Incorrect details

Just completed a workout using the Lutscher route on Innsbruck. The route stated 401m over 13.7km. After 19km and nearly 500m I gave up on completing the route feeling a bit pee’d off. Has anyone else noted this discrepancy or any other incorrect distances?


The figures are correct for the loop, it’s just that it starts at the top of the climb so you first have to do the climb as the lead-in plus the loop including a second climb to get the route badge. There are maybe 20 threads about this here already…


Or, if you want to skip the long lead-in, just do the route as a meetup. The meetup will start near the KOM banner.


Use Routes for info on routes to avoid being pee’d off.

I did finish it and had about 500 meters of climbing but can’t tell you how many KM because it didn’t even log my workout. It’s like I didn’t even do it. Saved it and exited, pulled up STRAVA and Zwift to see my distance toward weekly goal and calories and such and the ride never happened. I ended up putting 33km in and an hour thirty-one minutes but the route ended before that somewhere I believe around 13km?