Actual distance of routes to get achievements

Hi zwifters,

I just rode today and was wondering if you could help me with the actual distance of each route to unlock achievements? I rode at big loop and I’m already at 62km 1100m+ elevation gain but the achievement for that route didn’t appear. I did my research and there’s a leadout distance that doesn’t cover it but where do I find that?

On the menu it says 42.3km and 661m


Gidday Jofran - best to use Zwiftinsider for getting the lead-in details - for example here is the Big Loop which shows the 0.5km lead-in. They also use ZwiftHub and Zwifthacks graphics which can be helpful.

I checked your activity and the Big Loop badge appeared to be awarded as you went through the start/finish banner as I would expect.


Hi Dean!

I completely forgot about checking the achievement section on my profile. Smh. I might have missed it when it appeared on the screen since I was busy watching Netflix :sweat_smile: but thank you Dean, appreciate the feedback and the tip as well!

Ride on!

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I’m going to use this before every ride. Thanks Lin_Alan!

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