Distance to completed ride

I have now completed the Roule ma Paule course three times and saved it on each occasion.
I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or not, but it is not registering on my completed course badges. I finish each ride at the start point and sometimes further on if I feel so inclined. But being relatively new to zwifting I am still trying to understand the way it all works. My aim is to complete as many courses as I can with the aim of keeping myself fit, which at the age of 64 coming on 65 is difficult to keep up with some of you. But I am just wondering if this is a glitch or something. As I also dipped out a couple of weeks back when I was nearing the end of the ten top course, only for something to go wrong and I lost all my points which I was not happy about as it was a bit of a griller for me.
Thanks all and RIDE ON

@david_fry Oh, David, I’m sorry you are victim to this phenomenon. Zwift shows you the official route length, but that isn’t really the real length. Each route has a lead-in (i.e. the distance from where you emerge on course to the official beginning of the route), and they range from very very short to very very long. Roule ma Poule is one of the nastier ones, because from where you begin (downtown by the marina), that entire 3.1km climb to the top of the Petit Kom is all lead-in. The official route only begins (and ends!) at that arch at the top of the Petit Kom.

Yes, it’s dumb that Zwift doesn’t tell you the real distance, and that nowhere in the HUD (heads up infographic display) during your ride can you see how far you have to go to finish the route. These are frequently requested changes/features.

In the meantime, visit Zwift Insider’s route description page, which shows you lead-in distances and total distances for each route. A quick less-than-one-minute visit to this site before you do a ride will save you some heartache later on :woozy_face:


To add to what Xavier said, you should see a ‘Course Complete!’ notification on your screen when you complete a route. So, if you haven’t seen that come up just keep riding until you do!