How many miles left in my ride?

Hi folks, New Zwift user here. If I select a specific ride that is, say, 15 miles long, is there any alert on my screen that counts down how many miles are left to go?  Similarly, is there any alert or banner either on my screen or on the roadway that shows when I’ve completed a ride?  I thought there would be some sort of finish line that I would cross upon completing a selected ride.

Thanks in advance for any answers or suggestions.  

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If you do a named route, you will usually see a white banner with a blue checkered flag and bar graph that will show how far along you are. It is right up at the top/middle of the screen. It does not do it for every route.

If there is any reference to miles, it is usually in the left upper screen (where you see workout results). Just guessing here.

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I’ve wondered the same thing. Like Cary said, you’ll know when you have completed a loop when you cross under the banner, but you really do need to know what length course you chose and keep up with it yourself. Not a big deal unless you forget and thought it was a little shorter than it was, which leads to that infamous really long sprint. I guess there are worse things. The problem probably comes down to the fact that you can pick a specific route, then change your mind mid-course and take a different turn. Also, you could pull a u-turn or two. In a group workout, I’ve always seen the actual miles remaining at the top, but not sure how it would work with the freedom of changing your mind in a Free Ride.

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