Distance left on routes

I would like to give a suggestion that would help people a lot. It would be great to have the information about how many miles are left on a route. I see myself missing that information, especially when I no longer remember what route I am doing it and how many miles are left for the end. Assuming that one would keep going, then it would characterize as the beginning of a new “lap”, therefore, the mileage would reset and restart the count. on making changes to the route, the display could just go away, as segments disappear when you change the route midway.

thanks in advance

Even more useful for most people would be the number of kilometres left. :sweat_smile: #iKidiKid

Thats what I meant, but for me it is miles, not KM’s :slight_smile:

Sometime I bite more than what I can chew and I have no visibility to how may miles are left, what makes, sometimes, the ride dreadful.

Don’t forget that when riding Zwift you are also already home. So, you can just hop off whenever you want and call it a day.

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never, it would mean defeat. LOL
I like to finish what I start, and I tend not to give up, but it doesnt mean, sometimes, I am happy with it.

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Would have loved to have that information miles / kms left on a route. to get around, I refer to Zwiftinsider / Zwifthub and pick up data like, totally length of the route, start of gradient, lead in time etc. in past I was not aware of the lead in kms for each route and just stopped short of few meters of completing the route

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my point exactly Anil.

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It is difficult for the route badges. Couple of tips, when selecting the route, a blue highlighted line wil show the lead-in and check where it finished. Most of the routes star and finish at a banner so don’t just ride the route distance, keep going until you reach a banner. Some of the Innsbruck routes are nearly double the stated distance due to the lead-in.

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I have had to go close to an additional 10 Km over the advertised distance to earn a badge. I have had to quit my effort with no reward multiple times which is really disappointing.