Would love to see a km countdown option on routes

Would like to display km remaining during a route ride?

I.e when I do an event the display will show me I have 37km to go and countdown until the end whereas if I select a route it just counts up of miles completed.

It would be nice if it displayed a km remaining to complete the route especially if I have not earned the badge for that route yet. With the lead-ins varying I sometimes forget mid ride how much extra I need to get to to earn the badge.

I fully agree to this statement. I had experience several times that the accumulated km (e.g. 60km at 2000 height meter) where done but no badge. I was confused and decided to stop the ride only to recognise afterwards that only a few km were missing to reach the final goal

John, I’d love that as well! Great idea!

Another big help would be distance to a KOM or sprint & how far they are in advance so we could gage our output.