Route Distance Left?

I just started Zwift and can’t figure out how to see how much distance is left in a route?? Seems like being a noob here.

Can’t do it for a free ride. Only group rides, meet-ups and events (like Tours) show that on the HUD. (If the group rides and meet-ups are set up for distance and not time. If they are set up for time it will show a countdown of the time remaining)

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That seems like the most basic of things to have. What about being able to see what route you’re on?

Lol, welcome to Zwift! If it seems like a blatant obvious feature, you won’t find it here.


Well that’s disheartening.

Wait til you hear how long it took to get the save without exiting the entire program “feature”.

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Make sure you look at a third party resource such as the one below to find out how long the lead-in is, where the finish of the route is etc, to avoid a lot of pain:

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