Why can’t we do multiple course in one ride?

This would be an easy quality of life improvement. I just want to link shorter routes together for one ride. Finish a route then teleport to the start of the next one. Idk how this hasn’t been implemented already.

Hi @Zane_Jeffers8645, welcome to the forums. I think this hasn’t been done because of how it would work with Strava, teleporting all over the place would certainly cause some issues with how maps appear in strava.

Ok. I know riders use a work around where a friend starts the course they want to ride next and they join that rider without ending the ride.

Another workaround is creating a meetup while finishing up one route, then you can join your meetup on the 2nd route without having to save the ride. These might be split into individual activities when uploading to strava however.

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This seem like a lot of effort when you can simply just save the ride pick a new route and go.

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The meetup hack works, I did this.

I think the only tricky bit was working out how long the 1st route would take me, to be able to schedule the start time of the next.

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I don’t want to stop a workout to switch courses or have two files for one ride.

That is a good reason. But there has to be two files because you will have to teleport from the end of one ride to the start of the next.

There are not that many route badges just do one per day. :sunglasses:

saving and starting again isn’t as easy on android as it is on PC and i think this is also true of IOS

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