Ability to Build/Execute a Multi-Route Plan

I typically ride multiple routes in a single training session and know in advance which routes, and in what order, I’m going to ride. For example, I may want to start with a short, flat(ish) route for a warm-up, transition to a more difficult route for the working portion of my ride, then return to a short, flat(ish) route for my cool-down. Rather than having to “End Ride” on one route and have to manually select the next route and start that ride, it would be great if Zwift would allow users to create a route plan that lets them identify the routes they want to ride and their order of execution and, as one route is completed, have the app automatically transfer the user to the next route in the sequence.

Hi Tony, welcome to the Zwift forum.

You can make manual turns, that way you can do exactly what you suggest.

Zwiftinsider.com has nice maps that you can print for planning.

You can also vote up this Feature Request: Create own custom route and follow them

I understand your point, but I want the ability to get badges for completing the official routes, as well as to switch back and forth between Watopia and whatever the guest world of the day happens to be.

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I think you should also vote up the request: https://forums.zwift.com/t/allow-saves-without-exit/

Oh, I’ve already done that! :smile: That’s the biggest pain point for me with Zwift, and I can’t believe that hasn’t been addressed yet.