Multiple routes on same course

Greetings, does anyone know how to do multiple routes on the same course? If I want to ride in Watopia, for instance, and I want to ride for 2.5 hours of medium to easy riding, is there a way of programming that in somewhere? I could pull up all the routes and try to figure it out but is there a more efficient way? Maybe in the Workout area? I don’t know, just asking.


The easiest way is to do manual turns. You can start of by selecting a really long route and from there do manual turns.

you can use this map to help you navigate.


There are longer routes available in Watopia even without manual turns. If you select one of those you can do 2.5 hours of medium to easy riding with Zwift making all the turns for you.

Thanks, I see that but just thought I might be able to set a course ahead of time… oh well… not yet!

Thanks again!

Thank You. I figured that but was looking for a set plan I could create. Oh well…


It would be possible if you the customer would have the function to create your own route.
Now you are not the first and many many before you requested this feature but as you can see … you can’t see nothing other than still praying that this feature like many other will be implemented in the next thousand years:

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