Create Custom (shareable) Routes for Zwift Courses

While this idea has been suggested before - now with the many options of the NYC course, even selecting the “Everything Bagel” route there are three segments missing one never gets to ride. If I could create my own route - I could create an “All Roads NYC” course that I bet 90% of the Zwift paying subscribers would elect to try. So the idea here is two-fold. #1 - let riders create course arrangements they favor (giving them the option to make them private or not like Strava); and #2 - allow them to share created route sequences with the greater Zwift community (if they wish). This creates more interest for Zwift users in trying others configured courses while providing more (perceived) freedom to all Zwift (paying) users. What’s to not like? Zwift now has the cadre of coders and could pull this off