Support for turn options on the same island

(Mark Williams) #1

Loving the new course, but slightly disappointed we don’t have the ability to go back to Zwift Island when we like. I’m assuming/hoping over time that a variety of courses is very much on the radar but, for now at least, just going to be able to go back to the perfectly functional Zwift Island would be nice :slight_smile:

But this got me thinking about a way to maximize the bang for the buck on developing new courses. Let’s say that instead of just having a circular route we all use, there are various roads / turns available. So, for the new course, perhaps there’s some turn that would take a route that has a steeper incline and meets up at the main course later (or an option that makes for a flatter ride).

That obviously leaves open the question of how a rider chooses. Two options spring to mind.

Simply have a choice of route pop-up on start up, with Zwift providing various options (but all from the same “landscape”). Eventually allow users to “publish” new courses (same landscape, with a particular set of turns baked in)

Support something (very) basic on the keyboard - L = turn left and R = turn right. Make the assumption that the turn most be chosen within, say, 25 meters of the turn otherwise you missed it and you stay on the same course.

Bb the way, for option 2 the ability to re-ride the last course ridden (turns selected) would simplify subsequent rides, if that is what is desired.

Just a thought.

I would still like Zwift Island back though, as an option. :slight_smile:


(Jon Mayfield) #2

I can’t make concrete promises about this at the moment, but I can say that we chose this giant host landmass in the real world for a reason.   Watopia is only getting started.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

Is this still being worked on? 

To me the biggest limitation of Zwift is that you’re always on the same loop whereas if it consisted of a big network of roads going all over the place it would be much more like real life, part of the fun of cycling for me is choosing which route I’m going to do today,. 

Watopia could become like a virtual version of cycling around Mallorca. The possibilities are endless.