User experience feedback, technical suggestions

Passing along just a few suggestions numbered below.  Thanks again for the free access to a great product!

 Watopia - The new island is great and having some sustained climbs makes each ride feel a little more “strategic”.  I do think the lap length is just a little too long.  It was nice to rack up laps and there was incentive to do “just one more lap” on the old island.  With the longer laps that sense of incremental accomplishment is diminished.  The island feels a little more lonely now during periods of light use.

 Watopia - I noticed there are some areas where the road seems to lift away from the ground, not sure if this is a terrain mesh resolution issue on my end or a flatten issue in the height map.  Just a little distracting at points.

 General User Experience - Please keep allowing us to “rank” up even if we are at level 15.  Most games that have some kind of rank system will allow players to keep ranking up even if there aren’t any unlocks.  When new unlocks are released players that have earned the required rank are given access right away.  Just more incentive to keep riding.

 Pared down mobile experience?  More of a feature request, but I had an idea for a limited mobile experience.  My power meter runs on Bluetooth and I use a couple of apps that record data directly to my phone.  Sometimes I have to ride the trainer away from home and still want to get on Zwift, but don’t have a laptop to use the client.  What if a top down map only view was offered via an app that still put us on the island, but didn’t have the 3D bells and whistles?  Obviously it would be difficult to draft but it would be fun to still be riding with others even if in a limited version.  Battlefield 4 did something similar with their “commander” mode that was pretty neat.

Hi Anders!

Thanks for the great feedback! We’ll have more courses available over time but Watopia is the first truly “hand-crafted” course we’ve had and people had kept asking for a longer course as well. We’ll have more variety in the future.

There are still graphical glitches we’re ironing out as well, the “lifted road” being one of them.

Regarding your experience, you continue to gain it even if you’re at max level. This means when we add more levels and unlockables, you will automatically be put in the appropriate level for the amount of experience you’ve accumulated. You could, theoretically, jump 2-3 levels as soon as we increase the cap!

Interesting thoughts regarding a “paired down” mobile app. It’ll be something we’ll need to consider.


 Hi guys!

I also have a couple of issues that I stumble over from time to time:

1.) The flags of several countries are displayed correctly in the mobile app, but on the rider’s list in the program (right hand lower side of the screen), they appear as default grey. One that I recall is Kuwait, but there are couple of others. Just synch the correct flags from the mobile app with the program…

2.) Riding up Watopia’s mountain (already in the snow), I found a texture layer problem with the “Allez” graffiti on the road. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot. But there are not too many graffitti anyway… I’m sure there are other occassions as well.

3.) In the Zwift app on the nearby rider’s list, I would love to have a “center own rider” button to focus my own name.

Normally I would want to get in contact with rider’s close to me, but with a full list, you would have to scroll through one hundred riders or so, just to find out, you scrolled in the wrong direction… :frowning:

It could also be possible, to center the list automatically, every time it is selected or you return from another page such as a rider’s profile.

4.) A chat protocol of any kind after the ride might be a nice idea, to facilitate the search for other riders.

5.) I would really love to have an overview map in the lower lefthand corner of the screen.

After +1000km on Watopia, I’m sure familiar with the island. But it could also add some motivation, if the map could display not only all roads, but own track and remaining track (especially on training rides).

So that was just my 2ct…

See you out there!


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