Watopia glitches

Great new island, very happy with the variety. I have however noticed a few graphic glitches since the latest update (30/4) and was just hoping it wasn’t a local problem to my macbook. The glitches I noticed are;

Rocks are floating in space off the right hand cliff face on the climb at about 1.5km, just after shutuplegs and gozwift paint on the road.

At just after 5km, just after the rusty red bridge, on the left face, the bushes and trees are all floating above the terra forma.

At one of the corners near the start of the S-bends and one or two other corners, there is a weird jolting as the avatar takes the corner, instead of just leaning into the corner smoothly, like most other corners.

Very happy with the new physics on the kickr.  Keep up the good work.

Hi Brett,

Thanks for the comments! We are aware of the graphical issues (as they are hold-overs from the original island) but will be addressing them as we free up resources!


First post after a couple of rides on the first island and on Watopia.

Basically, I think Zwift has great potential, I like using it and will keep on riding Zwift if things keep moving along.

I use a Macbook equipped with an ANT-stick, a Garmin HRM and a Stages PM.

My main concern / irritation is not with the ‘Fliers’ but rather with the way the NPC’s (and, to some extent, other riders) are rendered: they constantly veer off course (into cliffs, into the trees, into me), do not maintain regular speeds but jump backwards and forward, disappear and reappear. This totally breaks the immersion while Zwift aims to be a ‘believable’ virtual world, right?

A second concern is from a gamers’ point of view. While the lighting looks great, the road surface as well and the overall design of environment and players, jerseys etc is decent too, it is difficult - for me, at least - to overlook the poor texturing of the environment, poor draw-distance, texture pop-in, crude static models of bushes and trees / grass. Zwift seems to run on a game engine that’s at least 10 years old, there is no wind, no rain, shadows on any vertical surface look bad.

I can appreciate that most of your team’s focus will be on the technical side of things - so many people with so many different setups - but I think the ‘game’ or ‘graphic’ side of things should not be left as it is for too long and that the ‘realism’ factor is important. For me, it was the initial draw-in to Zwift and it seems to me that updating the game-world, which is a totally static environment in it’s current state, must not be all that hard for an experienced game-designer.

Finally - but this does not concern a glitch - MORE ISLANDS! / locations to ride in. Add in a velodrome (so we can do our ‘hour-record’ in June), an Alpine course, a MTB-downhill course… the possibilities are only limited by what’s imaginable. If necessary, hire more game-dev’s! :wink:

Also: some game environments could be reserved for people with real PM’s?

Need more money? What about in-game adds on billboards for cycling-related stuff? I do not want to promote adds, but it seems a logical step to take.

Thanks for all the hard work. I realise the last few points are off topic, sorry.