Timeline for new courses?

(Mike Childs (TGIF)) #1

Will we have more variety for courses coming soon? Even just an option to turn off of the traditional Watopia ride and continue around the entire island would be nice. I would like the option to cover more unique distance before finding myself back at the start line. If we had the option of a 50km or 100km loop that would be fantastic. leave the existing roads for those who wish to keep things short or based upon laps. Cheers.

Without the variety, I am feeling inclined to seek our more video-based rides for my trainer and create geo-rides for novel challenges.




(Jon Mayfield) #2

We added a watopia route expansion just 17 days ago that lets you go around the main island and bypass the climb if you choose to.   With that you can do a figure 8 if you wish and have an almost 30km ride without going over the same stretch of pavement twice.  Just choose “figure 8” from the route choice on the drop in screen on a Watopia day and give it a go.

Beyond that, it’ll be several weeks before the next expansion.

(Mike Childs (TGIF)) #3

Thank you, I will look for that. I didn’t realize I could pick my route before riding. I thought we just rode whatever was on for the day and had the ability to turn left, right and u-turn.


When we pick a route, does that just position me somewhere else on the map, or does it put me somewhere otherwise inaccessible if I hadn’t picked that route?




(Sherman Heydrich) #4

Agree.  Choice is key.  Do not like there are Richmond or Island days.  Would prefer to choose.  I was at Richmond so I get it, but really not the best course.  Hoping we get a classics looking course soon???

(C oach Paul Ozier) #5

I saw construction equipment on Watopia. Something must be in the works :slight_smile:

(Sherman Heydrich) #6

Hi Paul, I think that is the new Mountain Pass segment.  Should be awesome!  Since they have dirt, cobbles, villages, etc I would love to see a northern classic…like  Roubaix or Tour of Flanders!  cobble sections that have higher resistance…short hard bergs…would be so much fun!