Map of courses?

(Scott Chapman) #1

Do maps of the courses exist? Specifically Watopia? It would be nice to see the course so one would decide which turns to take to come up with a particular route.

(Andrew Jarrod) #2

There are few threads on Facebook pages where people have captured many spectacular photo’s from high vantage points.  But I haven’t seen a single map, that would be very handy, especially as Watopia continues to expand.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

A google style scrollable map would be great, so you can view your rides on it. I’m sure someone would make a plugin for Strava so you can see your rides and where they are on the island. As it is it’s hard to figure out where things are when you’re mapping the fictional location onto the real.

(Graeme Bird) #4

Yeah Strava should re-program so that anything that is classed as “Virtual Ride” defaults to a map other than whatever map plug in they use (OpenStreetMap or Mapbox I think).

As long as that other map has Watopia or any other virtual cycling worlds in it that is fine.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #5

A simple overview outline of the course with a moving icon would be great. They already have the elevation shown so I do not think it would be too difficult to place a small map on the screen.

(Jon Rich [KRT]) #6

Agreed.  A map showing route options would be amazing.  I made a right mess of tonights ZTR race as I had no idea which turns to make for the flat course in Richmond.  An option to choose the course, the loop you are racing and even the number of laps you want to race would make it much easier for people unfamiliar with the courses.