Select a new route while riding

I know this has been suggested loads of times but there doesn’t seem to be an active request… Let us choose a new route after we have started riding! In-game menu and companion app options would be fine.

This is more needed than ever with the arrival of route achievements. We should be able to ride one, then chose a different route and ride that straight after… without having to quit the game and start a new ride.

Agree, routes/workouts/challenges/events shoud be switchable from inside the “game”. Not only at the start. Hope they develop this soon :-1:

Hi @Marcin_Leja.

Workouts is selectable from within the game, press “E” on your keyboard.

Events - open the companion app and select the event you want to do.

Challenges - they dont change often but you can klick on the menu button on the bottom left of your screen and change the challenge.

All there is missing is changing a course in game :smiley:

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I starting to believe that Zwift is adopting the same position as Spotify and Samsung (to name a few) regarding change req. from the actual users. Instead of listening to us the focus on “developement”.
I am actually stunned by the fact that this simple feature is still missing!