Select a new route while riding

I know this has been suggested loads of times but there doesn’t seem to be an active request… Let us choose a new route after we have started riding! In-game menu and companion app options would be fine.

This is more needed than ever with the arrival of route achievements. We should be able to ride one, then chose a different route and ride that straight after… without having to quit the game and start a new ride.

Agree, routes/workouts/challenges/events shoud be switchable from inside the “game”. Not only at the start. Hope they develop this soon :-1:

Hi @Marcin_Leja.

Workouts is selectable from within the game, press “E” on your keyboard.

Events - open the companion app and select the event you want to do.

Challenges - they dont change often but you can klick on the menu button on the bottom left of your screen and change the challenge. Zwift How-to: Selecting a Challenge | Zwift

All there is missing is changing a course in game :smiley:

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I starting to believe that Zwift is adopting the same position as Spotify and Samsung (to name a few) regarding change req. from the actual users. Instead of listening to us the focus on “developement”.
I am actually stunned by the fact that this simple feature is still missing!

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Not sure if this is exactly the same, since I’m not asking to get credit for route achievements (but hey I guess why not :grinning:) or even asking to switch routes after completing a route. To fill the thought out a little… these are my thoughts:

As an example I would like to start riding Tempus Fugit, and maybe do a number of laps on it or maybe not even complete one lap. Then I would like to transition to another route in the same World like Sand and Sequoias without having to do manual turns (I realize this isn’t hard for this example) and remember and do the turns from that point on with no intervention. I don’t want to be teleported anywhere but I want it to be one complete ride.

I should only be able to select routes that overlap with the segment (or route?) that I am currently riding. So going from Tempus Fugit to Volcano Flat would not be a valid option. I don’t want the app to figure out how to get there from here.

If I’m going in the wrong direction like on the Tempus Fugit Reverse Sprint section I think either it should remember my selection but wait until I’ve come around again before transitioning to Sand and Sequoias or I shouldn’t be allowed to select Sand and Sequoias until I’m going in the right direction.

Upvoted. This is such a simple and obvious one, especially for multi-hour rides where you don’t want to simply go round and round the same route over and over again. It would be trivial to add, and seems so obvious!