Free ride routes limited selection

Hi, new user here, still in trial period. Tried to search answers to my question, however, wasn’t able to find an answer.
Trying to take a free ride and I look over the companion app in parallel with the laptop app.
On the laptop app / routes I have a very limited routes selection - I can scroll only to some 25-30 routes.
On the companion app I can see much more routes, however, even I select one - as example, “Chasing the sun” - no way to see it / start it from the laptop app.
Should it be related to trial period this limitation, or am I making something wrong?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Zwift has different worlds. Chasing the Sun is in Makuri Islands. :+1:

The currently active worlds are Watopia, London and Yorkshire.

Thanks David, I chose Watopia for example. In the small rectangle up, under Watopia I see some around 6-7 thousand routes, however, scrolling down, I can select only from 20, first one of 5 Km, last in the list 180 km. And there’s no “next page” option. That’s my concern, why I cannot scroll through all of them counted on top, in the active names of worlds.

If you look next to the number that says 6-7000 you’ll see an icon of a person. That’s showing you how many people are currently riding (or running) in Watopia.

I suspect the first route is Volcano Circuit, right? If so, you’re seeing what I’d expect. Some routes are level-locked, so you won’t get the full list. Not sure if the list is further limited during the trial period.

Oh yes… The number which I was referring to is not the number of routes, is the number of riders…
And yes, right some routes are restricted level based.
So, not too many choices for a free ride, more options on group rides.
Thanks for help.

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There are many many routes for free rides, the same as group rides.

There are only a few routes that are level locked and these become available in quite a low level number which can be reached in quite a short timeframe.

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Although only 3 worlds are active at a time, you can choose to ride in other worlds by starting a workout. It will let you pick from most of the worlds and many more routes. There won’t be a lot of people on them since they’re not on the calendar for that day, but if you just want different scenery that’s an option. You can end the workout without completing it and continue as a free ride. I have a custom workout with a 10 second free ride segment that I use for that, so the workout is over in an instant and I just keep going.

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the companion app only lets you “explore” routes and workouts, there is no way of queuing them so they are waiting for you on the main game app when you open Zwift. You will still need to choose the route or workout when you enter Zwift.