Free Ride Route Option

I’d like to see a new feature call something like free ride. This feature would allow a ZWIFTER to do a ride without having to select a pre-defined route. For example this morning I just wanted to ride and go my own way. So I selected the Sand and Sequoias route. But I did not follow it. I went straight at Titans Grove, turned right towards Sequoia Circle, turned left towards Epic KOM and did the Jungle loop, climbed back out and headed towards down town, turned right Epic KOM but then turned left on Desert Flats. I then turned left at Titans Grove and did the loop. Back to my starting point and finished with 30 miles.

Sounds like you did exactly what you are asking for?

Are you saying you don’t want to choose your starting point or route and just be dropped somewhere randomly on the map? Don’t you want some control of where you start your ride? You can always turn off of any route you are on and go anywhere you want.


That’s basically it. If I don’t choose a planned route and I just want to meander around any given map, Watopia, Innsbruck, London, New York, Richmond or any other future map. It really doesn’t matter where I start. However, I would think ZWIFT could make it so you always start at or near the maps start finish like. I wouldn’t think that would be all that hard


Daniel (Smitty) Smith