New to Zwift - Free Ride Options?

If I just want to free ride and explore, how do I do that? I’d like to choose the starting point, say in Watopia somewhere but not Downtown or wherever it drops you, and just ride around choosing my own turns and such. I’ve dig through the forums and don’t see this specifically, but surely it is somewhere and I’m not finding it. I just don’t want to choose a preset route and ride until I’m done. Is this level of free riding possible? Thank you!

Hi @Scott_Baker1
You can select from many worlds and predefined routes within those worlds. Once on a route, you can turn off the predefined route and explore on your own, and stop whenever you want to.

You can not randomly pick a point on a map and decide you want your avatar to spawn there, though.

Be sure to save & upload each session though - otherwise you may not get credit for the distance and elevation ridden. Also - if you want to jump from one world to another? Do the save & upload before you make the jump.

This section of our Support knowledge base might find extremely helpful to you, especially the page about the different worlds and the routes in those worlds.

one you start free riding you can also hit buttons to take any turn at any intersection you come across… try this link for more info and maps:

Thank you for the responses. How do you turn off the predefined route?

You can use the Zwift Companion App to do that and many other things.

When you approach an intersection where you can make a turn, an icon pops up on the bottom of the screen. It will default to the route that you’re already on, but you can make a turn off the default route by selecting left arrow / right arrow on your keyboard (assuming you’re not using AppleTV, which doesn’t have a keyboard).

Have a look at this page of the Support Knowledge Base, which guides you to all the stuff that’s displayed in the Heads Up Display (HUD).

Assuming you’re using a computer with a keyboard, here is a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use in-game.

All these things thus far happen in the Zwift game app. As Paul mentioned, you can also use the Zwift Companion app on your smartphone and use it like a remote control for the game app.

OK thanks. The issue I think is that I’m new and only a Level 6 and I can the routes I want to do are inexplicably only available to Level 10 and higher. Odd that I’m paying yet can’t ride these routes. No worries thought it is all good. I’ll download a map and write down the turns as best I can. I’ll have them unlocked this winter until I’m IRL riding and just gap-filling with Zwift. I appreciate everyone’s help!

Only the Jungle and The Alp are level locked, all other routes are open to you.

There are several prebuilt routes that are level 10 and higher.

The Jungle is off limits until you reach level 10 and yes there a few routes that uses it, the Alp is lock at level 12.

FYI, you can still ride them if you are in a group ride, race or meet up that takes that route.

Getting to level 12 does not take that long.

Agreed. I just me some nice preset routes that don’t use those are still locked until level 10 to use if you look at that link.

Look at it as a nice challenge to unlock those routes as soon as possible. With the new route badges it is quite easy to double-up on XP and go up in levels quite quickly. If you do a pre-defined route of 30km you will gain 600 xp from the 30 km ridden, but also 600 xp from the route badge that you will receive. So it might be worthwhile to let Zwift do the route-building for you and just enjoy the ride, and level-up quite quickly.

Also, you can get those route badges while doing a work-out

Great point on a reason to use the prebuilt route to gain points too. Thanks!

None of the routes in NYC, London ,Innsbruck,Yorkshire,Richmond, Bologna and Crit city are level locked.

Getting to level 10 does not take that long, especially now with the rout badges.

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