Create a custom route before starting zwift

It would be great to have the ability of creating a custom route before start pedaling. For example, select that I will go to the volcano climb, then to the town, then to the mountain, etc. etc.

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Been suggested many times, please vote up the existing requests so Zwift knows what the users want.

Here is a quick search of some of the requests:

Anyone of them request the same than me. They said to choose a start point or to import a tcx file. I’m taking about choosing your custom zwift ride before starting the ride. Now you can choose mountain 8, flat, 3 sisters, etc. I want to create my own route.


It has been suggested many times on these forums, a quick search and you will find similar requests as yours.

I have often thought the sort of thing Javier is asking for would be a brilliant addition to Zwift. In my view it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply being able to specify the sequence of the junction points (in the same way the the various routes are shown on e.g. the Watopia map) would do the trick

Thanks Hans, this is exactly what I wanted to say

@Hans, yes, yes, yes!


I want a n a-b-d-f-e-d-b-a route!


Simple zwift, get it together. I don’t need ur expanded jungle routes that I can’t access because I’m not level 10. Hating you right now zwift product manager, can’t get on the new routes and can’t create a custom route. 


Lame, lame, lame… loading trainerroad. I’m out.



You can select the turns you want with the ZML or a mouse, it’s not completely what you are asking for but it works.

A fast way to get to level 10 would be to select the Zwift TT bike, set your distance to KM and ride flat routes, you will be at level 10 in no time.

No sure your anger is totally warranted, seems you are looking for a reason to go to Trainerroad or to promote it.

@Paul Allen,

I appreciate that one can easily change course/route with a simple mouse click or key stroke. But with my setup I can’t easily reach the keyboard or mouse to change direction mid-ride. My phone with the ZML app installed may be nearby but that doesn’t mean it’s unlocked and ready for a route change.

Another reason - and a more important reason for thinking the route builder feature would be great - is that I just can be arsed to worry about where and when to turn when riding on Zwift. I just want (with minimum fuss) to be able to log onto Zwift, hop on the bike, and mix it up a bit without having to worry about where to turn as I’m riding along.

Other than that I do agree with your comment about the previous poster’s anger not being totally warranted. I think Zwift is great as it is, but at the same time I think there is a (seemingly) simple way of making Watopia an even better place to ride a bike.

@Paul Allen,

Your responses are not helpful.

Don’t try to play off like I’m trying to promote trainer road. I have nothing to do with that software. Do you insinuate to every community poster that types in the name of an alternate product is a competitor troll? 

People have been posting about a route creation feature for a long time, the fact that Zwift hasn’t delivered it is frustrating. 

You can click for the turns, that is your suggestion? Yesterday I wanted to ride to the Volcano but I don’t know which turns take me there because I can’t see a big enough portion of the map while riding to know which road ends up where. I’m just guessing which little square looks like it might take me there. 

Click for the turns… come on.

For the levels, what I would like not to do is have to trick the system into getting myself to level 10 by using settings that aren’t applicable to me. What would be better is if zwift could code km and miles to give the same xp. It just isn’t that hard to do a conversion/calculation in the code. Not sure why the bike type would make a difference but it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to be putting in fake settings to reach achievements.

Finally, I pay the same $10 a month as everyone else, level 1 or level 50, but I get less features because I’m not level 10? I’m paying the same price but getting less routes. 


Let me be clear about this I do not work for Zwift.

About the custom course, I was giving you a suggestion what you can do at the moment and to help you out Zwift is going to post a .pdf map of Watopia and I believe the other courses as well.

About you not being at level 10 and not being able to ride the new route, I was giving you a suggestion on how to gain points faster, this is well know within the community and it is not gaming the system at all. 

I think the users that are stuck at level 25 should get a special course or something else to tide us over until the new levels are available.

Still don’t think your anger is warranted at all.

@Paul Allen

Disagree with everything you say. 

Don’t care if you think I should be frustrated or not. 


I was just trying to make suggestions to help you out.

If you want to ride the new route put in the time and level up like everyone else who has earned the right to ride it. In life sometimes you have to work for what you want, not everything is just given to you.

Have fun and Ride On!



I haven’t found your suggestions the least bit helpful.

Have fun and Ride On!