Create Custom (rebel) Routes

Allow us to create a custom route to ride without having to choose the correct turn at every junction. Zwift HQ could do this much like creating a new route on Strava. Additionally allow us to then select one of the existing ‘Pacer Bots’ to ride with on the route we created. If there is a concern about data storage, Zwift HQ could limit the number of custom routes allowed per user. Routes could also be shared and used as meetups as well. Here is an example of a route that I ride a lot, but I must manually select the correct turn at every junction and have no way to pace myself against previous times…

have a look at this

the creator posts here from time to time if you search for road captain in the forum you should find them.


Another easy obvious route is ADZ and partial EPIC KOM via the cliff side diversion.

That would be a simple loop to get decent elevation.

It would be an excellent one for the robopacers to be on so people get to enjoy different scenery and elevations compared to the usual flatland routes.

Nice update. I tried multiple times but could not get the app to let me create a route along the South coast - but once the bugs are worked out this should be an excellent addition to the game!