Choosing a route

As a new user to Zwift can I ask a really stupid question. How do you pick a route you want to do? For example I’ve noticed on the Zwift insider website the course maps but I can’t work out how to pick one to free ride, ie Big Foot Hills. Whenever I do a ride it just gives me options to turn left or right but not specific route.
Sorry if it’s a stupid question

You pick a route in the start screen; the same screen on which you pick which world to ride in. For whichever world you choose, there is a ‘route’ button. When you select that a listing of the routes in that world will pop up and you can select there.


Whenever you’re on your chosen route, then just ignore the turn indications that pop up at intersections. Those are just options to go a different way. They used to confuse me when I first started on Zwift too.

If you don’t press those turn buttons, and don’t press the U-turn button, then Zwift will automatically take you along your chosen route (and keep repeating it until you choose otherwise).

Also don’t get misled by some of the leaderboards that pop up and segments that start. Sometimes those can be confusing too, since your chosen route might start a particular climb but then turn off (automatically) before you complete the climb.

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Thanks Nigel - thought it would be simple! Appreciate it