How to complete a route?

Beginner question: I have selected specific routes to ride a couple of times. The program seems to drop me in at a random location and then there seems to be no real “end” of the route. When I’m finished it doesn’t show that I “completed” the route, even though I can see I rode it in my activity feed.

Secondary question: I notice during a ride I have choices to turn one way or another at various intersections. I assume if I’m trying to complete a certain route that I should let the program make those default choices? I normally let the program make the choice but when when I’ve done that, there is seemingly no official end to a route while I’m riding.


How are you selecting your route ride? Are you using the world selection option?:

Or are you possibly using the Home Screen options?

It has been known that Zwifters using the Home Screen occasionally choose the RoboPacer route option - this doesn’t generally lead towards a route badge.

If you do choose the world explore routes option it should drop you in at the start of the route and you will see a route completion bar towards the top middle of your screen, telling you how far along the route you are and how far to go.

If you go down the world explore routes option yes always let the system send you on the right route, don’t take turn options.

Thank you Ian, I’ll give this a whirl. I’m sure it’s pilot error.

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Select a route from the screen above then ride that route, letting Zwift navigate you (don’t do U-turns or deviations off the preset route).

Use the progress indicator (which is at the top of the screen) to know how far you have to go and when you are done, you should see a banner appear on screen to indicate you have finished the route and you’ll also get a nice XP bonus.

Check that you understand where the start/end of the route is - it’s not where it drops you in, because there’s a lead-in for each route that can sometimes be several miles/km.

This resource will help you - Complete Master List of All Zwift Course Routes | Zwift Insider