London Loop

Hi, I am new to Zwift and took my 3rd ride today. I selected London Loop at approx 14km but I still hadn’t come to “End of Route” after 28km. I was happy to keep cycling but did I make a simple mistake?

Had you already ridden that route previously? Zwift only displays the ‘End of route’ achievement the first time you complete it, so if it was your second time then you wouldn’t see anything.

Route completion is something that Zwift could deal with better and it’s been asked for:

Also, some routes have a section of ‘lead-in’ to ride before you actually start the route properly. Zwift Insider has a good list of routes and their details:

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Thanks Sandy, this was first time on that route but I did assume that end of route would always be indicated so good to know that.

Looking at your activity, it appears that you did a U-turn right at the start of your ride, which would have then taken you off of the ‘London Loop’ route. In order to get the badge you have to select it from the start screen, and then not make any manual turns for the entire route. One you complete the route, and see the ‘route complete’ notification on your screen, you are free to make whatever manual turns you would like.

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Thanks Nigel, I’m not aware of making any turn so don’t know how that happened!

I have the same problem… not sure why route completion did not show up

I also experienced what I thought was a spontaneous U-turn by Zwift. Come to think of it, I usually put my phone on top of my open laptop. Maybe my phone pushed the down arrow on the keyboard…