Route Completion with Turns

I just started Zwifting this week and tried my first run this afternoon. While I thought I “completed” my first route I was quickly disheartened. I believe I stopped short since Chili Pepper is 5.2 miles (with the lead in) and I only logged 5.17. I guess I’ll be trying again tomorrow :laughing:

Regardless, this brought up a few questions: 1) I’ve seen contradictions on the Internet so wanted to confirm - will I get some sort of notification (finish line, banner, confetti) when I “officially” complete a route or will it just show up as a route completion badge, and 2) does it have to be the exact route as noted (e.g., what if I select different turns during the run and it doesn’t exactly match - see screenshots). Thanks in advance.

You should get a pop-up on screen when you complete the route.

Manual nav CAN work, however, if you turn off the route at any point, it won’t count… WITH ONE EXCEPTION:

If you double-back and “resume” the ride BEFORE the turn that took you off route, Zwift seems to “connect the dots”. (there’ve been reports of this on the forum though I don’t have links handy)

I should see if I can find a friend with a new account to test this out. (I’ve already got all the short route badges so I can’t test it myself)

Thanks for the reply @Otto_Destruct, I appreciate it. I’ll give it a try again in the near future - I’ll keep you posted.