Route Completion Badges

Looking for any info about a route I did yesterday, Figure 8 Reverse. Cours map has it listed at 18.5 miles and I rode a total of 25.2 trying to get the completion badge but nothing. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Am I missing something?

Did you check on on you profile that you did the whole route with no turns.

Check the route herev

It look like you did figure 8 forward.

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It never occurred to me that I might have selected the regular Figure 8 route and not reverse but I guess it certainly is possible I could have done that. Lately I’ve been trying to complete the ones I haven’t done yet and I might have just selected the wrong one. :man_facepalming: What was the hacks page you sent me? THat’s the first time I’ve seen that, I have been on ZwiftHub before. Are those similar?

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Zwifhacks is the original. That is what the cool kids use. :rofl::rofl:

And this one.

Touché…thank you for the heads up.

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