No badge or XP for Figure 8 😢


This is my first post on the forums - hoping someone can help! I completed the Figure 8 route today, and as I crossed the finish line it flashed up on the screen with the ‘route complete’ message. However, when I went to end my ride, I accidentally swiped (on iPhone X) and the app crashed. When I closed it and logged back in, my avatar was sat just past the finish line, so I ended the ride and saved - but after checking on the companion app I didn’t receive the badge or the XP :weary: is there any way this can be recovered? I’m fairly new to Zwift and trying to level up!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Steve, welcome aboard!

Unfortunately, Zwift is notoriously finicky about end-of-ride interruptions (such as terminating the application mid-upload…)

Seems you will have to redo…


This has been a persistent problem for a long time. It happened to me yesterday with PRL Full. Support’s response to not getting credit for an almost 6 hour ride, despite the correct data being present locally in the Zwift app (plus screen shots from the ride), is “better luck next time”. Why they can’t resync the missing data from the app to the server is beyond understanding.

Ah ok - I feared that would be the case! Not such a disaster for an hour ride - but I feel for you on a 6hr slog :tired_face:

Thanks both for your responses though - much appreciated!