Route badge Four Horsemen

I completed the Four Horseman in Watopia today but experienced some connection issues while saving. The ride saved locally and has since correctly uploaded to Zwift Companion and Strava. My issue is I am not being credited the badge (or XP)in the achievement section and the route shows as I haven’t ridden it in the world schedule

Pls can this be rectified as my OCD is driving me crazy and I really don’t want to ride it again :rofl:

Not sure how to get the activity ID on Companion


Contact support. It’s very unlikely that this will be fixed via the forum.

Thanks, I have emailed them as well :+1:. The only reason I posted here is I found another thread where a Zwift Tech responded and fixed :crossed_fingers:

Here on the forum they are less responsive than in the past. Emailing may also result in your request being ignored. Maybe it will work, maybe not.

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Thanks again, what is the best method of contacting support? I went through the chat function but got absolutely nowhere hence the email which I sent to

You have to talk to the chat bot until it surrenders. It’s intended to deflect you but it can be defeated if you are very persistent and keep telling it that whatever garbage it tried to feed you didn’t work. Unfortunately getting support is designed in a way that needs a manual.