Can Support Fix a session that crashed?

Hi Zwift community, I was riding the Fourhorseman Route when it crashed with just 5km to go, it was a 5+ hour effort =(. I was able to relaunch the app and it allowed me to continue but it didnt check off the route as a completed route. On my Zwift feed it shows i completed the entire route but it didnt mark the route as completed in my badges. The fourhorseman route is a route i’d not like to try again… just too long and painful.

Anyways i created a support case when i had the issue a few weeks back but just curious has anyone else had luck getting support help fixing an issue similar to this?

The answer is unfortunately they never do it.

I think they could (our fit files are saved locally and we could send them to ZHQ,- except ATV users), but for some reason they don’t.

I think they don’t because if they started doing that they would be absolutely inundated by requests to credit XP, drops, workout completitions, routes and other achievement badges etc which would all take a good amount of time. (Even though they currently get a lot of requests they get a lot less than they would if they started doing it)

Yes, that is one point.
Another one would be cheating - but people who want cheat will always find a way…

I forgot to mention - you can manually upload the fit file to Strava, Trainingpeaks and some other (not Polar).

Well that’s frustrating, i may just leave that last i hate redoing stuff in general especially something so painful haha. The whole route saved properly onto Strava and even Zwift but i just didnt get credit for it as a badge.

Well if you are able to open the activity on zwift website or zwift companion and it shows the data but no achievement badge for completing the route then there is a chance you didn’t fully finish the route. Lots of people have difficulty with routes because they have lead ins and they don’t wait for the achievement to be confirmed on screen or on the summary screen before saving and exiting. If you post the activity someone here should be able to tell you.

If the badge/achievement is showing on the activity but not in the zwift game badge collection then try logging out of all devices with zwift installed.

I have experienced that before and is why i rode another several kms, I checked the route on zwift and compared it to what i completed and its the full route plus several kms. My guess because it crashed before i completed the route and then continued on the route on when i logged back in. It was smart enough to know that i was in the middle of the route but just didnt give me the credit.

Ah ok. Your machine is smarter than most then.

Well, I got the official answer from Support. Not surprised and very disappointing. They stated they couldn’t make the change due to a technical limitation. I assume their support engineers do not have the option to modify records in their database which makes sense but they should have a utility built IF this is a common problem. It was 5 hours of a ride i don’t ever want to do again and that irk’s me the most.