Route Completion Not Detected

Hi team,

I chose the Four Horsemen route for my ride yesterday and proceedes to ride all 4 climbs for a total distance of 90.5km and did not make any manual turns, so I was very saddened when I was not given the route complete badge or associated route XP.

My understanding is that the route is 89.3km plus perhaps a 0.6km lead in. The Zwift Insider Strava segment clocks in at 88.92km. So just checking what might’ve gone wrong here, on my end or yours pls?



Bit of a growing thread on this one over here Four Horseman route completed but not badge not earned?

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No badge to Four Hoseman today, definitily is a bug!!

you’re at least the 5th person to have reported this today - I created the thread
last week reporting this and Zwift appears to be unable or unwilling to resolve which is incredibly disappointing.

I have completed 4 horseman route twice in the past 2 weeks. On both rides I went through the finish with no recognition. I continued to subsequent KOM. This is one mile beyond the finish line. I comtacted Zwift tech support but they were less than helpful.


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I had the same issue with Surrey Hills yesterday. Rode well beyond the length. Have also experienced the same with Highline. Tried the one at least 3 times with no badge or XP points.

I’m afraid that you didn’t go far enough. The route starts and end at the Fox Hill KOM. You stopped part-way up Fox Hill. Your Highline issue was probably similar.

See Zwift Insider’s comprehensive course details for full information on route lead-ins and start/finishes -