‘Out and Back’ Route Badge Issue

So, I thought I’d do the Out and Back route today for my work out, which looked about the right distance. However, it said 39.9km in game, which I know you can’t trust due to lead ins, so I checked zwift insider as well, 42.1km. In the end, it was 51.8km.

Please, once again, can we just have somewhere that we can get an accurate idea of how long a ride is going to be?

Is this really too much to ask?

Hi @Ian_Lyons1

I looked at your ride and it look like you made a manual turn and somehow got back to the route and got the badge.

when I did the route it was ±42.5km

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Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure how a manual turn could have happened I wasn’t using the companion app and I don’t press anything on the keyboard. I just line a route up and go where it takes me.

I think you got lucky. :rofl:

Good luck on the other badges, although it look like you don’t need more luck. LOL

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