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Apologies if this is not where I post this (first time ever posting…)

I completed the out and back again twice two days running but did not get the badge?

I made sure I rode a few Ks more each time but I have not received the badge?

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Richard_Brook, welcome to the forums!

Looks like to just stopped a little short, this route starts and ends at the rock arch banner at the end of the desert sprint section.


Thanks @Mike_Rowe1

A bit strange when the route says it is 39.4km long and you actually have to go nearer 43km ish…

I hit the sprint for the second time around and gave up as I thought I was just repeating the route

Not sure why they don’t say how long it actually is?

Hey ho it’s a nice route and doing it three times won’t hurt. But a bit odd they haven’t changed the length.

That is because there is a lead-in before the route/lap starts. Many routes are loops, almost all of them, so you essentially have to ride to the beginning of the loop before it starts. Since all spawn points are slightly different the distance to the beginning of the route can also be slightly different. Therefor the lead-in is not counted in the length of the route. This catches most new users by surprise, look for the blue line on the route selection screen, the blue line represents the lead-in.


Thanks Mike. I’ll just keep pedalling until something happens :grin:

Cheers for your help.

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