Zwift to Strava to Veloviewer

Veloviewer is great for keeping up with routes, as is ZeiftHub. Veloviewer keeps segment best times which is helpful.

With the recent Strava update, a couple courses were dropped. One is Watopia Figure Reverse 8. I rode two laps of this today and the segment doesn’t seem to appear in Strava, so it’s not pulling into Veloviewer. I didn’t make any manual turns for either of the slightly more than 18 mile loops.

I looked at a couple of the leaders and their times are a bit old and seem to be in events beginning in the start pens. Anyone else seeing this for this route? This isn’t about the badge in Zwift, the question is the segment in Strava.

Reverse KOM for Richmond also went AWOL, but I rode that one again and it updated just fine.

You might want to read this

@Nigel_Tufnel Appreciate the response (and the many you help others with as well).

When the Richmond KOM was also dropped from VeloViewer, I rode that Sunday and it appeared in Strava and carried over. So I hoped it was just some glitch and not the entire segment was gone.

Someone posted on Zwift Insider that riding the second half of the Figure 8 Reverse then the first half was the trick. That’s not accurate since I rode it twice. I looks like those that have the segment in Stave started from the Start Pens in an event. That may be the segment that is actually available on Strava. Doubt this impacts earning a badge in Zwift since the segments never changed.

Thanks again.