Extra route badges awarded!


Most topics on here are about route badges that weren’t awarded for routes that were ridden, but I encountered the opposite! On the 24th I selected the “Watopia Figure 8 Reverse” course, rode the complete lap and as expected after passing the finish arch I received the corresponding badge and xp bonus. Giving me just enough xp to reach level 18. However, shortly after the arch I did a u-turn, because I like to try and get as close as I can to my starting point when I end my ride. After the u-turn an achievement notification popped up telling me I had gotten the route badge for the standard “Figure 8” route. I also got the corresponding xp-bonus and when I checked my badges it indeed showed both the Figure 8 Reverse and Figure 8 as completed.

I got ill during Christmas, but today, the 27th, I wanted to do a short ride to see how I was feeling on the bike. I selected the “Volcano Flat” route and rode the whole route in about 30mins. At the arch I was awarded the corresponding badge again. I did a u-turn just after the arch and, boom, another route badge was awarded to me: the “Watopia Flat Route” badge this time.

Whereas for the Figure 8 (Reverse) routes I thought that maybe I somehow “tricked” Zwift in thinking I had done both route, because the routes are exactly reversed. This isn’t the case for Volcano Flat and Watopia Flat (they do share a large similar part, though). Leaving me to think that it is due to some kind of bug that I got awarded these badges for route I’ve not ridden yet.

I don’t want to complain to much about this, because it helps me getting all route badges faster. But I also don’t really like getting badges that I didn’t ride the route for (and therefore I don’t deserve them yet). Also one of my real life friends and training buddies is complaining that I got awarded the xp unfair, surpassing him in Zwift level. :innocent:

Anybody else who has encountered this?
Should I just consider these badges a Christmas present from Zwift? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ride On!

Yes, I got this on Yorkshire - was in an event that did the Queens Highway route (and got the achievement) and then after it was over, did a U-turn and almost immediately got the UCI Worlds Course achievement. Having said that, I was going to end up doing the UCI course anyway, so it was just that I got it a little bit earlier than planned.

On a day when I lost a hard earned route badge due to my first ever Zwift/Macbook fallout, you have both managed to make my day even worse.

Two badges for one ride, are you kidding me? :cry: :wink:
Glad to hear someone had a good day.
Cheers all.
“Ride On”

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I’m sorry for your loss @_Troy. I hope you’ll be able to reclaim that badge soon!

Cheers Mark,
at least I know what to expect. I can’t wait. :wink:

Had this happen with the 5 laps of Volcano Circuit and then again with the 10 laps of Volcano Circuit… Just keep pedaling I guess.