Route achievement's despite detouring!

I have the achievement badge for riding the R.G.V. route in France. But when I check my activities feed I can’t locate any which completed it. I have also looked back through my Strava history and I have never completed the R.G.V. loop. Is there anyway to check what date I was awarded it?

The most likely activity was on the 28th of January (activity id 1002372645498388512 if you want to put it into a URL). I was awarded an achievement as I rode over the start/finish banner but hadn’t completed any of the routes currently available in France. However I did cover all the roads on the R.G.V. route but instead of turning right at the end of Ballon Field I turned left and went round the KOM, ballon field loop before the final right turn to get to the banner.

Has anyone experienced something similar which could explain this behaviour?

Wow. I’m following this one with interest.

I’ve read other accounts of people accidentally hitting “U-turn” while on a route but immediately doing another U-turn to continue and still being credited with the route. The oddity I’ve read there is they didn’t seen the kilometer countdown after the double U-turn, but crossing the finish-point credited the route. (banner, badge)

I’d love to know what the mechanics behind this are. (might be useful for salvaging a first attempt at a route if accidentally turned-off course)

After chatting with support who confirmed which activity gave me the achievement I have managed to replicate this.
During both activities I was doing a workout when I left the route and remained on the workout until after I returned to the route. I returned to the route at an earlier point than I left and completed the workout before crossing the finishing line.
I don’t know if the workout aspect is important but if your u-turn stories were not on workouts then it sounds like they may not be. If that is the case then it’s possible that the requirements to get the route achievement is simply to select the route then ride all the roads in the correct order, but not necessarily consecutively.
Unsurprisingly even if you detour the wrong side of a junction you will not be awarded the achievement in my experience.

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I think you’ve touched on the key requirement - all segments, in sequence.

In-line with that, when going for the Volcano Circuit lap badges (Warmed Up, Hothead, On Fire), you can actually leave the Volcano and free-ride. When you return to do more circuits, the lap counter will continue counting up where you left off. You can even do circuits backwards.

It’s a shame there isn’t more info on what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s not like you can cheat your way to a route badge - you still have to ride the whole thing - but it’d be nice to know all the criteria needed to salvage a ride after an accidental turn.

I’ve noticed the achievement badge is also awarded upon late-joining an event (without actually having completed the route).

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Farmland loop route badge on makuri map was the same for me in a warmup some months back. Did most the route before turning left to stay on the castle climb then back down through the village sprint arch or the non arch side. Down upper part of the that descent before rejoining the loop down to the finish. Still got the badge even thou I turned left not going straight at the short connector. Went back and redid farmland loop proper post race for cooldown.

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